Your Pets Portraits​


I Would LOVE To Draw Your Pet, Whether Gerbil, Or Dog Or Mouse Or Parrot Or Cat!

Hello and thank you for considering a portrait of your pet!

It wasn’t until I began to draw people’s pets instead of people that I began to understand the absolute love, respect and tenderness they have for each other. Little children have an attachment to life that is small, the mice, and the bugs even the fish are important to kids. I wanted to portray all these things in my work, it became a challenge. Can I replicate the affection, the wholesomeness and the unconditional love that is a part of this profound relationship? That is what is in my heart to do now. I do look forward to hearing from you and I am keeping the cost low, because I want many to enjoy it! And it’s almost Xmas present time! Peace and Blessings, Nancy.

Each pet portrait is completely done by hand in French Pastels on high-quality Canson paper to ensure long life without deterioration. All portraits measure 12” by 16” inches, and come wrapped in a protective sleeve.


"I absolutely adore my portrait of Princess KittyGirl Choko-Latte. Nancy's work is stunning - a gift to every pet owner.​"
Berti K.

“I just got the portrait of ABBY and it is amazing. I love it and can't thank you enough.”​
Carol R.

“I miss my dog Russell and I am away from my home, but he is here is at university because I have him on my wall, Thanks Grandma!”​
Sammy S.

“Nancy not only drew a perfect likeness of Beau, but captured the light from his soul. Thank you Nancy for something we will always treasure.”​
Don C.

“Nancy’s portrait of my cat “The GREY CATSBY”, who was a grand and noble soul who passed from this earth, captures the essence of his wise and wonderful soul and I am so grateful to have it!” ​
Bruce J.

“I love the portrait of my cat Salem that Nancy drew. It captures his likeness and his essence. It’s beautiful.”

​Terry C.

​​"Mi familia y me encanta el retrato de nuestro perro Bonnie. ¡Nancy había capturado no sólo la imagen sino la naturaleza amorosa de nuestro perro! ¡Gracias Nancy!" 
Haydee F.

Cost: $50.00 (Plus shipping & handling)

Please email at least three separate color pictures of your pet to:

All pictures need to be absolutely in focus, and show the animal clearly.

I will duplicate one of them, usually one that is well lit with predominate shading on one side.

You can also take a picture of existing photographs.

Allow a few weeks for completion!